Extended security deployment

Security Statement

Munic Box is rapidly emerging as the connected vehicle's standard platform by enabling the massive collection of data from the vehicle and by enabling the remote connection to the vehicle's network.

From the beginning, Munic Box has focused on ensuring maximum flexibility and openness for developers and integrators, and the security requirements have been handled by providing the integrators with recommendations on how to implement the security mechanisms available with Munic.io.
Today, with the industry's growing concern regarding vehicle hacking, Munic.io is willing to go beyond recommendations and is offering its community an extended security deployment which incorporates improved security mechanisms by default including:

  • Restricting Munic Box access (disabling local access, SMS,... )
  • Extended use of secured protocols at every level of the architecture
  • Restricting access via CloudConnect (Webdemo, API, etc.. )

This deployment is available, please contact us for more details at support@munic.io