Module: EcoDriving

The EcoDriving module provides average RPM calculations per speed band. With this module, Munic.Box will retrieve all these average RPM calculations at the end of each trip. This document describes how to configure the module and the format of the fields sent by Munic.Box.

The EcoDriving module needs to be configured with the 2 following parameters:

  • definition of the 4 speed bands limits
  • selection of the RPM average(s) to record on journey state change
Parameters Units Default
Minimum speed for band 1 km/h 0
Maximum speed for band 1 km/h 50
Minimum speed for band 2 km/h 50
Maximum speed for band 2 km/h 90
Minimum speed for band 3 km/h 90
Maximum speed for band 3 km/h 110
Minimum speed for band 4 km/h 110
Maximum speed for band 4 km/h 300

Each RPM average per speed band can be retrieved on journey state change. A configuration must be applied in order to select the averages to record.

Field Name Description Type Size
MDI_RPM_AVERAGE_RANGE_1 RPM average for the first speed band Integer 4
MDI_RPM_AVERAGE_RANGE_2 RPM average for the second speed band Integer 4
MDI_RPM_AVERAGE_RANGE_3 RPM average for the third speed band Integer 4
MDI_RPM_AVERAGE_RANGE_4 RPM average for the fourth speed band Integer 4