Module: Raw Driving Data recorder

The Raw Driving Data recorder module allows you to collect a large amount of data very frequently. These data can be used for driver behavior analysis or more precise tracking, etc. This chapter describes how to configure the different data to collect.

First of all, the module has be linked to your Munic Box. Then, it supports a more frequent recording policy for the following data:

  • 1Hz GPS: frame validity, longitude, latitude, speed, heading, number of satellites, pdop, ...
  • 1Hz OBD speed
  • 1Hz OBD RPM
  • 1Hz GPS Altitude*

Note that all the other fields are still retrieved by Munic Box. This module mainly offers the possibility to customize the recording frequency for a given field.

The module must be configured with the following parameters:

Parameters Units Default
1Hz GPS Activated / De-activated De-activated
1Hz OBD speed Activated / De-activated De-activated
1Hz OBD RPM Activated / De-activated De-activated
1Hz GPS Altitude Activated / De-activated De-activated

By default, no intensive collection is done by the module: a configuration is required to activate each field intensive collection. Indeed, this module consumes more data in terms of SIM card data plan (more data to send) so the customer is responsible of the module configuration.

The Raw Driving Data recorder module mainly uses the default field of Munic Box.

Field Name Description Type Size
GPS_SPEED Stores the last valid speed of the GPS in 1/1000th knots Integer 3
GPS_DIR Stores the last valid course of the GPS in 1/100th degrees Integer 3
GPS_PDOP Positional dilution of the precision of the GPS Integer 1
GPS_ALTITUDE Stores the current altitude in meters Integer 3
GPRMC_VALID Last validity state of the latest GPS GPRMC frame. 'A' is valid and 'V' is invalid String 1
GPS_FIXED_SAT_NUM Number of satellites used for the GPS fix Integer 1
MDI_OBD_SPEED Speed value in km/h obtained from the OBD Integer 4
MDI_OBD_RPM Engine RPM obtained from the OBD Integer 4

*GPS Altitude can be available on demand.